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Semiconductor Automold System

Motion controller with EtherCat capability to control about 16 axis of AC servo motors in a single network. EtherCat communication, using RJ45 cabling, offers high-speed data transmission (up to 100Mpbs) and up to 32 axis per network system. Ease of troubleshooting and flexibility in upgrading.

Application Controlled Equipments
Motion control for transfer and press systems
Servo Systems
Systems - Semiconductor Automold System

Fuel Monitoring System

Marine type approved PLCs are used onboard to sample fuel tank level, vessel speed at pre-defined intervals. Such data will be transmitted via satellite back to shore for engine performance analysis. Other security information onboard could be incorporated and transmit back to shore.

Application Controlled Equipments
Fuel tank level data logging onboard & transmit back to control room onshore via satellite communication
Tank Level Transmitter, RPM Sensor, Satellite Communication Equipments
Systems - Fuel Monitoring System