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Marine Automation

PLC with marine type approval is used onboard to control operation of generators, winch, water tight doors and alarm monitoring. In some application, PLC is integrated with DVRs for alarm status storage.Remarks: Alarm status transmitted from PLC to DVR for storage purpose onboard.

Application Controlled Equipments
Alarm monitoring, generator and winch control using PLC
Generator Set, Winch, Water Tight Doors
Projects - Marine Automation
Projects - International Airport

International Airport

The baggage handling system is controlled by PLC with redundancy CPUs to ensure smooth operation with minimum downtime. High-speed CPUs are used for high speed and reliable scanning of baggage identity.

Application Controlled Equipments
Baggage Handling System using PLC
Transfer Conveyors, Barcode Readers

Cruise Centre

The facility equipment were controlled by PLC using remote I/O system. The 2-wire remote I/O system offer lower installation cost as compared to traditional point-to-point I/O wiring. This also offer flexibility in upgrading and ease of troubleshooting during commissioning and maintenance. SCADA offers constant monitoring and scheduling of equipment operations.

Application Controlled Equipments
Environmental control & monitoring using PLC & SCADA
Lightings, Exhaust Fans and Pumps
Projects - Cruise Centre