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Nematron Control System (Asia) Supplies PLC Training Kits as Part of a Partnership Program

Nematron Control System
PLC Training Kits

Nematron Control System (Asia) announces today that they will be supplying 21 sets of NEMA-TRGKT-002 PLC training kits to Northlight School as part of a partnership program with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

Similar to those that were supplied to 2 local ITE institutes in 2013, these training kits are ideal for those who are looking to acquire knowledge of PLC application and programming. With its ease of use features, the PLC Training Kit, will allow the users to test & simulate their PLC application programs and will be beneficial to the staff and students of the training institutes in their industrial skill development.

Nematron Control System aims to expand the supply of this training kit by reaching out to more education and training institutions in the region.

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